CFP: Back to the Things Themselves! (BTTTT!), due Jan. 7, 2020

Since 2007 Back to the Things Themselves! (BTTTT!) has been an annual attempt to put aside the more conventional scholarly practice of textual exegesis and critique and return to the lived world to divine the essential structures of experience through rigorous phenomenological description. While BTTTT! is guided by important scholarly contributions about phenomenology, its main aim is to “do phenomenology”—that is, to generate original descriptions of phenomena in the lifeworld. 

BTTTT! invites those engaged in phenomenological practice to submit their original descriptions for consideration for the 2020 meeting at Western University (the University of Western Ontario)

Before submitting your abstract and paper please carefully review our dos and don’tsPlease note that our biggest challenge has always been to attract submissions that are squarely focused on rigorous description