CFP: 2023 Arendt Circle, June 26-29 | Deadline to submit: Dec 1 2022


2023 Arendt Circle

June 26-29 Verona, Italy

The Arendt Circle meets annually to share research on any aspect of
Hannah Arendt’s work. This year’s conference will be in person with
presentations in English at the University of Verona.

Deadline for submission: Dec 1, 2022

Submit a 750-word abstract, prepared for anonymous review, as a
Word Document or PDF, to

Our working groups are in flux due to Covid and this year’s international conference. Updates on the working groups will be posted to our website at

2023 Organizing Committee

Katherine Brichacek, Northwestern University
Magnus Ferguson, Boston College
Valentina Moro, DePaul University and University of Verona
Olivia Guaraldo, University of Verona