Call for Abstracts: 7th Derrida Today Conference, June 13-16, 2021, Washington D.C

The 7th Derrida Today Conference will focus on the ongoing value of either Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, to the political, ethical, cultural, artistic, and public debates and philosophical futures that confront us. The conference is broadly interdisciplinary and invites contributions from a range of academic, disciplinary and cultural contexts. We will accept papers and panel proposals from scholars, academics, and postgraduates on any aspect of Derrida’s work, or deconstruction, in relation to various topics as well as contemporary issues. While the conference welcomes contributions on diverse topics and from any discipline in relation to Derrida’s work and deconstruction, it is particularly interested in discussions exploring the concept of “democracy,” especially in light of the 6th January storming of the Capitol in the U.S., and the consequences of the current COVID pandemic.

Deadline: November 1, 2021

Please submit your paper and panel abstracts directly to

For more information, consult the conference website: