Call for Applications: Canadian Sociological Association (CSA)

Theories of the Background: A Discussion of the Things We Don’t Know We Know

Session Code: THE2
Session Format: Regular Session
Session Language: English
Research Cluster Affiliation: Social Theory
Session Categories: Regular Session

This session will offer a space for explicit engagement with the ideas, structures, and ways of knowing that often represent the ‘background’ of everyday life. Many theories have attempted to grasp at this liminal space: lifeworld, habitus, tacit knowledge, prereflective backgrounds, primary frameworks, etc. All are welcome here as we investigate how questions of such ‘theories of the background’ apply (and perhaps ought to be adapted) to the current circumstances of our age. Sociology’s inherently interdisciplinary nature represents a strength in this regard, and we hope participation includes those from across a host of disciplines to help spark new theoretical engagements to answer the questions of today and beyond. Tags: KnowledgeNetworksSocial StructureTheory

 Organizer: Reiss Kruger, York University